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Once again, new Covid cases in New Mexico are declining, now consistently under 500 a day from a peak of over 3000. Tighter restrictions ordered by our Governor and state Department of Health have helped reduce new cases, but most importantly, the cooperation of our fellow citizens. Please wear your mask, minimize travel and shopping, maintain distancing, and sanitize after touching ANYTHING; door handles, shopping carts, self-checkouts, keypads, pens, etc.  Allow extra distance between you and unmasked or improperly masked people.  Continue to mask and take the other recommended precautions after you have been vaccinated.


Click here for information on the New Mexico "Red to Green" county-by-county opening plan. (Scroll about halfway down the page for individual county status.)  As of February 24, most counties, including Grant, have been upgraded to yellow status or better.  Remember that yellow still means "high risk", so please continue to mask, distance, and sanitize!  The next update will be March 10.


When can I get the Vaccine?  NMDOH tentative schedule.


Grant County Corona Virus Update

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Follow your favorite news sources (fox, right?) to see what happens to the traitors and seditionists in Congress, the fascist invaders of the Capitol, and the Otero County nutjob.


February 24 to March 10

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Saturday, March 20

County Central Committee Meeting

All registered Democrats are welcome.

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“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

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Inauguration Celebration Gallery

Party officers and members at the corner of Silver Heights and Swan.


County Commission passes (4-1) resolution condemning Herrell's vote after lengthy discussiion (Grant County Beat).  Dissenting vote was Billy Billings (R)You may remember him as the meddler who tried to influence our county convention a couple of years ago.


Transition Toons

New temporary gallery


Cowboys for Trump leader arrested over US Capitol riot (Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin)

Huffington Post via Yahoo News


A Black Police Officer saved America on Wednesday. Say His Name.

DoctorWho on Daily Kos






























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Covid Vaccine is coming to New Mexico!


Healthcare workers first;  The general public hopefully by Summer.


Visit the New Mexico Department of Health information site and pre-register now to be notified when the vaccine becomes available.



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Tuition through college.  College students get an expense subsidy of about $900 a month.


Free and equal healthcare for all.


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