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Sound anything like a certain Congressional misrepresentative?




























What we're up against:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on the 2nd amendment













The weeks ahead:



Follow your favorite news sources (fox, right?) to see what happens to the traitors and seditionists in Congress, the fascist invaders of the Capitol, and the Otero County nutjob.



Wednesday, April 14, 6:30 PM


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“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

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Manipulating numbers at the border (Twitter - follow the thread)


Inscription for the Barack Obama Presidential Library


New topics on our Discussion Boards:  Oh Hell, it's Herrell,

Thin Blue Line?

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Lots of new images in our Memes & Toons page.  Ann Telnaes, Lalo Alcaraz and all our favorite cartoonists are still having a field day smacking down the gop.

Also, the new gallery format allows for your comments.


Inauguration Celebration Gallery

Party officers and members at the corner of Silver Heights and Swan.


County Commission passes (4-1) resolution condemning Herrell's vote after lengthy discussiion (Grant County Beat).  Dissenting vote was Billy Billings (R)You may remember him as the meddler who tried to influence our county convention a couple of years ago.




































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The new official state bird of Georgia is...