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 Covid-19 Status -

New Mandates


Covid cases in New Mexico are UP!  (Over 900 new cases August 19)  Masking indoors is now required regardless of vaccination status.


Click here to go to our Covid page for details  Also, special information for veterans and more.




Elections 2021 and 2022 - New page coming soon.



Biden appointee to USDA


President Joe Biden has nominated our former Congresswoman, Xochitl Torres Small as USDA

Undersecretary for Rural Development.




The weeks ahead:



Follow your favorite news sources (fox, right?) to keep up to date on the January 6 investigation,  the fascist invaders of the Capitol (over 600 arrested), and Couy Griffin, the Otero County nutjob. Update from KOB TV.

Citizens petition to recall Griffin(Associated Press)




October 13 - 6:30 pm

General membership meeting on Zoom.


Contact for zoom invitation


Local Elections - November 2

Silver City, Bayard, Hurley, Santa Clara mayor and councilors

Silver City and Cobre school boards

Silver City and Santa Clara municipal judge

Grant Soil & Water Conservation Board

Upper Gila Valley Watershed Board


Complete Candidate List -

New Mexico Secretary of State


Important dates:


October 5, 2021:  Absentee and Early Voting Begins at the Grant County Clerk’s Office


October 16, 2021:  Early Voting Begins at the Bayard Community Center


October 30, 2021:  Last Day to Vote Early


 November 2, 2021:  7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Election Day






“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

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New Stuff!


A bunch of new additions to our Memes & Toons and Just for Fun galleries.  This GIF was too big for the Just For Fun gallery, but it's a hoot! 


The Bad Economics of Fossil Fuel Defenders

By Paul Krugman

Opinion Columnist
New York Times, August 17, 2021 GCDP Editorial page



NYT Guest Essay: The Electric Future Must Begin Now - Senator Marty Heinrich (PDF)



Violent anti-fascists pose with a flag they stole from a gathering of right wing demonstrators (Democratic Underground)













































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Watch Joy Reid rip the Republican Party to shreds.


Herrell 's latest proposed amendment is to suspend the federal gasoline tax.  


"The PUMP Act Amendment would provide direct relief to middle class Americans by granting a temporary federal gas tax holiday for the next 6 months or until the federal public health emergency order related to COVID-19 expires, whichever is longer."


This cockamamie proposal would cut funding for our crumbling roads while saving a 20 gallon per week family a whopping $3.70 per week.