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If you haven't stopped by our Campaign Headquarters, Check out our window decorations in our 2022 Events album.  Photos from the July 27 Meet & Greet are also in the gallery. Your campaign event photos welcome -


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Catch our breath, But don't let up.  Now the real work begins; DEFEATING EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN ON THE BALLOT!!!


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“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

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Texas governor Greg Abbott



















Buying supplies from Uline?

The Voter Reference Foundation is putting the nation’s voter rolls online while making unsupported claims suggesting election fraud. The group’s funding can be traced to a Super PAC funded by the CEO of Uline.

Story on ProPublica



A bunch of new additions to our Memes & Toons and Just for Fun galleries. 
















































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Wednesday August 10, 6:30 pm


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