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Wednesday, July 8, 6:30 pm

General membership party meeting

Online - Zoom

For login link, contact chair@gcdp-nm.org.


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The Lincoln Project

A Republican organization dedicated to removing trump and other republicans who do not support the Constitution.

"Electing Democrats who support the Constitution over Republicans who do not is a worthy effort."

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Founders Sing

Original hit songs, including "Barr on the Run", "Mitch Gets Sacked", "Like a Kidney Stone", and much more on the political hit parade!


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“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

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Despite the grim atmosphere, cartoonists are having a field day at the expense of the thing in the White House and its followers.  Visit our Memes & Toons page, then submit any goodies you find in your web browsing

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Don't miss this video from The Lincoln Project!

"No matter who wins this damn thing, we’re going to stand together and beat Trump." Bernie Sanders.


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COVID-19 virus information:

In case anyone thinks it's over:                 Nationwide as of June 24.

The spread of the virus in New Mexico has been

flat or declining ofer the past several weeks, thanks

to the quick shutdown and cautious reopening by

our governor and Health Department.  Just imagine

how much better the statistics would be if

EVERYONE wore masks.




Business and services are gradually being allowed to reopen but the pandemic is NOT over.  Continue to take recommended precautions.


As of Saturday, May 16, Face coverings are required in ALL indoor and outdoor spaces open to the public.  This mandate is intended to reduce the spread of the virus.  As a result of the actions previously taken by our governor, Department of Health, and citizens, the spread rate of the virus in New Mexico has been less than in most of the country, But we need everyone to cooperate.

How to make a mask

Request a mask from the NM Department of Health

Why mask? See the graphic to the left.  <---


New Mexico Department of Health
US Centers for Disease Control
Hidalgo Medical Services - informational video (FaceBook)


Stay in touch and stay safe - How are you coping?  How are you protecting yourself?  Share on our Discussion Board.


Need Help?  Food, medical, shelter, counseling, transportation (PDF)

National Delegates Elected June 13


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The Grant County Democratic Party sends heart felt Condolences to our County Party Chairman, Matthew Runnels and his family.

 Chairman Runnel's mother, Dorothy Runnels recently passed away. She is the widow of US Congressman Harold Runnels and the mother of former Lt Governor, Mike Runnels who served with NM Governor Toney Anaya. 

Read this tribute to Dorothy Runnels in the Hobbs News-Sun.