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Covid cases in New Mexico are UP.  Our Governor and state Department of Health have ordered a return to tighter restrictions.  Please wear your mask, minimize travel and shopping, maintain distancing, and sanitize after touching ANYTHING; door handles, shopping carts, self-checkouts, keypads, pens, etc.


Some folks (AKA repubs) say it's no big deal since it's only 1% fatal.  But what if everyone caught it?  Grim stats here.




The weeks ahead:


Things look to be pretty quiet for a while.  Then we can start ragging on Herrell, Dow, and Terrazas. (Oh, why wait? )

Also remember that the Senate runoffs in Georgia will likely determine the majority.  If you are interest in helping out the Democratic candidates, here are their campaign websites:


Rev. Raphael Warnock


Jon Ossoff









































“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

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November the third,


We flushed that big turd,


But the damn thing won't go down the drain.


Bring us a plunger,


Or any expunger,


To push down that thing we disdain.



Tired of looking at trump's smirking, sneering, pouting mug when you're surfing the web?  Search Firefox or Chrome add-ons for "Make America Kittens Again"


Blog: No. I Will Not Meet You Halfway.

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While trump is playing golf and whining, Joe and Kamala are already making plans to "Build Back Better"!  Click here to visit their transition website.


Joe Biden's victory speech (NPR)


Kamala Harris' victory speech (NPR)



Follow the links below for complete results from the Secretary of State.



Grant County Results


Statewide results


Election summary on our Election 2020 page