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 Covid-19 Alert


Over 1000 new cases statewide per day

and Grant County has been one of the

highest in thenation per capita.  Masking

indoors is now required regardless of

vaccination status. Now if all of the

covidiots would just comply.



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Wednesday December 8 6:30 PM

General Membership party meeting and online Holiday party -

On Zoom

Contact for invitation


Sat, Dec 11, 9:00 am


Zoom Registration

The Democratic Party of New Mexico and the Democratic Party of New Mexico Rural Caucus have brought together Democratic leaders and subject-matter experts to present an overview of topics of interest to rural communities and discuss how Democrats can uplift rural voices. Topics will include Rural Data, Demographics and Redistricting, Outreach to Key Communities, Infrastructure and Economics, and Utilizing Natural Resources. This summit will be a jumping off point for discussions that will continue in greater detail, as rural Democrats organize and come together and come together.












“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

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Mad dog turns on master!

Seems Couy Griffin, Otero County's nutjob Commissioner and Cowboys for tRump founder has turned on his former idol.  Video on Twitter


Rebecca Dow yells at youth group

This was a few months ago.  Appalling behavior for someone who wants to be governor

On ProgressNowNM


A bunch of new additions to our Memes & Toons and Just for Fun galleries. 


The Bad Economics of Fossil Fuel Defenders

By Paul Krugman

Opinion Columnist
New York Times, August 17, 2021 GCDP Editorial page



NYT Guest Essay: The Electric Future Must Begin Now - Senator Marty Heinrich (PDF)



Violent anti-fascists pose with a flag they stole from a gathering of right wing demonstrators (Democratic Underground)













































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Well, duh. (again)

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Too Extreme for New Mexico

Gabe Vasquez (PDF)

What We Can Learn from Germany on Teaching the Hard Past

The Rude Pundit on Blogspot

Democrats did it!

A big Thank You to President Biden and all those who voted for the bill, including 32 Republicans.  Shame on our own Rep Herrell and the Democrats who voted against it.