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This site is your source for party information, discussion, and participation.  Bookmark it and visit regularly for notices of meetings and events, news links, and more.  Check the calendar for future events.

Click here for information on the New Mexico "Red to Green" county-by-county opening plan. (Scroll about halfway down the page for individual county status, followed by a status map.)  As of April 29 new criteria are being used, including vaccination rate. Most counties, including Grant, are currently at the Turquoise level; low risk and minimal restrictions.  Chavez Coounty is green - medium risk. 


Remember that Turquoise is NOT an "all clear"; There are still restrictions, so please continue to mask indoors, maintain distance, and sanitize!  The next update will be June 2.




Grant County Corona Virus Update

Information and resources for families, business, and non-profits.












“Diversity is our greatest strength and unity is our greatest weapon.” - Tom Perez

The Grant County Democratic Party wishes to thank our members for their generous donations.  These donations will go a long way toward Getting Out the Vote and supporting Democratic candidates accross the board.

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Covid Vaccine is here!


All New Mexicans over age 16 are now eligible for the Covid-19 Vaccine!  Visit the New Mexico Department of Health information site and register now to be notified of vaccination events.  Regardless of where you get you get your vaccine, your out-of-pocket shouild be ZERO.

Attention Veterans!

Veterans who receive their healthcare from the VA can register for the Covid19 vaccine by calling 505-265-1711 extensions x3915; x3916; x2910; x2912 Silver City VA clinic has held one vaccine clinic for targeted veterans. They will hopefully have another clinic in April.


Veterans should register with BOTH the VA and NMDOH (above) and get your vaccination from whichever agency notifies you first.