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COVID-19 virus information:

In case anyone thinks it's over:                 Nationwide as of August 1:


In July, new cases have

surged to around 250 to 300+ per day.



New Mexico as of August 1:


20796 cases, 651 deaths



As of Thursday, July 9, Indoor seating is prohibited in restaurants and breweries.  Limited outdoor seating is permitted with covid-safe practices.


As of Wednesday, July 1, Face coverings are required in ALL indoor and outdoor spaces open to the public.  Non-compliance carries a fine of up to $100.  This mandate is intended to reduce the spread of the virus.  Now that the virus is on the rise again we need everyone to cooperate.

How to make a mask

Request a mask from the NM Department of Health

Why mask? See the graphic to the right.  --->


More info:

New Mexico Department of Health


US Centers for Disease Control

Message from our governor


Dr. Fauci: Ten places you are most likely to catch the virus


Stay in touch and stay safe - How are you coping?  How are you protecting yourself?  Share on our Discussion Board.


Need Help?  Food, medical, shelter, counseling, transportation (PDF)